What To Eyewear In Las Vegas

Vision Expo West is fast approaching and the deal always arises at to what to wear, much less eyewear. We found the perfect pair(s) that is sure to give you a Royal Rush in Las Vegas. One can also wear them for National Playing Card Day December 28 and National Poker Day April 19.

Playing cards are a universal language with an estimated 1000-10,000 different types of card games in the world.

Over the years there have been several ‘card’ eyeglasses on the runway. The latest was the D&G version for Fall Winter 2017.

Dolce and Gabbana FW 17

Novelty eyewear company Timbee-lo’s straight scoop is studded heart sunglasses, that might assure a winning hand for Las Vegas.


Got old sunglasses you need to have a little DIY project on? Ante up with this Royal Flush shades that will not ‘tell’ other players what you have in your hand.


Oliver Goldsmith’s raised the stakes with his rendering of Playing Card Eyewear that is seen in the Victoria-Albert Museum.

Oliver Goldsmith

Anglo American drew on cards for their World Series in the 1980’s. These are very rare.

Anglo American

Texan’s Hold On, it is not about big hair, it is about putting down some diamonds and hearts in your hair.

Womens Fashion Week FW2014

These 7 Card Studs were seen in 2012.

Moschino SS12

Follow the Queen styling was seen on the runway in 2009.

Ashish Gupta 2009

If you want to do a little merchandising, check out this very winning hand playing card display.

Image Credit Unknown

Another Display by Squint by Time on Flickr (copyrighted) Squint Eyewear is a store on the Lakeshore in Oakville has very original window displays.

So many decision, play or stay.. gotta play and see you in Las Vegas!


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