What To EyeWear With Rugby Shirts

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You don’t need to be a pro rugby player to wear a rugby shirt! These jerseys have worked their way from the playing field to men’s closets. Wear one today for a youthful, energetic look!


Similar to a polo, the rugby shirt is characterized by its button top opening and collar. Many feature wide horizontal stripes for a bold and colorful appearance. To keep with its sporty roots, the rugby shirt also features a logo or patch on the chest. For an ultra preppy statement, layer your rugby shirt over a plaid button down – the contrasting patterns add a bit of fun and fashion-forwardness.

Complete your sportswear-inspired outfit with eyewear style IZOD 426! This frame’s bold acetate front contrasts its narrow metal temples. Additionally, its modified rectangle eye shape and bi-laminate front provide a rich and modern look. Available in black, cordovan, and ink.

View the style here: http://www.cvoptical.com/OurBrands/IzodEyes_h.html

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