What We’re Reading – The Eye Book

It’s summer and nothing beats a nice read at the beach, on the patio, by the pool, or camping in the woods. One of the books we are reading this summer is The Eye Book, The Owner’s Manual for Your Eyes: The most comprehensive guide to taking care of vision, by Ophthalmogoist, Dr. Gary Cassel.

In The Eye Book, Dr. Gary H. Cassel presents readers with trusted, evidence-based information they can rely on to protect vision and learn more about how to treat any eye problems that come up. This easy-to-understand volume takes a step-by-step approach, providing an overview of the eye’s anatomy, a tour of healthy vision, and an explanation of what steps readers and health care providers should take to address vision issues. Drawing on years of clinical experience with patients, Cassel also looks at eye complications associated with common medical conditions (for example, diabetes) along with the best treatments for eye conditions, such as cataracts and glaucoma.

The Eye Book - Dr. Gary Cassel

The book is richly illustrated and engagingly written, this edition features special bonus material, including a chapter on cosmetics and the eye, FAQs (“Can cataracts grow back after cataract surgery?”; “Will I go blind from my glaucoma?”), and a handy symptom index that allows readers to research topics by the presentation of an eye problem. Useful for everyone, including general medical professionals who want to learn more about the health of the eyes, this up-to-date, in-depth, and authoritative book will serve as a users’ manual for the eyes and help promote better vision for a brighter tomorrow.


Whether you’ve been in the optical business for a week or a decade or two, The Eye Book is a great addition to your optical library. It is available wherever books are sold or direct from John Hopkins University Press here.


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