What’s In The Opti-Box! FREE Stuff

A new company has sprung up out of nowhere called Opti-Box. You ask, what the hell is that! It is a new and interesting concept in which optical suppliers can reach the  eye care professional via FREE STUFF in an Opti-Box.


Every month twelve boxes are filled with Ophthalmic oriented items, ranging from samples, lenses, frames, displays, accessories, lab supplied and promotional items. The Selected Eyecare professionals (there is only 12 per month) get these samples and curate them, fill out a 3 minute evaluation for feedback to the wholesaler.

April Opti-Box
April Opti-Box

Originally started as a way to reach the rural eyecare offices which may or may not see as many reps or have access to new products, this is a fun way for wholesalers to build their brand in areas, fun for eyecare professionals for a Christmas one time a month and the ability to look at new products.

Every month the box is different and retailers might not get one every single month to.

You can check them out at www.getoptibox.com

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