What’s in Your Swag Bag?

My dentist has the best Swag Bag. I leave with a personalized bag filled with goodies, toothbrush, floss, toothpaste and coupons! It makes me feel good and appreciated as a customer. Granted he doesn’t provide the same type of Swag Bag that celebrities get just for showing up at some event. When I read about what these multi- millionaires get for free, it almost gags me.

For those who don’t know what a Swag Bag is- The “Swag Bag” is the must have gift of Hollywood parties. For most celebrities, it is the reason that they attend events. This bag full of free goodies can range from inexpensive spa gifts to extravagant diamond-encrusted luxury watches. The word Swag, is Scandinavian and slang for “plunder” or “loot.” The word was adopted to describe the giveaways by corporations (and rock bands) to increase the visibility and desirability of their brands. In olden days, around 1998, swag was usually worthless trinkets or a T-shirt. Now the manufacturers of luxury goods have seized upon celebrity culture to shower highly visible trendsetters with their products. The celebrities are drawn to the swag and the media are drawn to the celebrities being drawn to the swag — and so the “product” is “placed.”

After I got into the whole Swag Bag thing- in case you don’t think Swag Bags are important- here are some quotes:

“In episode of “The Sopranos” last year featured Ben Kingsley walking through one of the swag bag rooms, picking up celebrity giveaways valued at thousands of bucks.”

“Christopher, Tony’s nephew, later mugged Lauren Bacall to grab her swag bag.”

What do they get?

Swag Bags aren’t just for celebrities. When you go to a Trade Show, I’m sure you pick up your own Swag- pens, pencils, T-shirts, mirrors and more. Why?- because we like Free Stuff!

That said, do you have a Swag Bag for your Patients and Customers? Rons Optical at one time had a Swag Bag program (they didn’t call it that) personalized bag with cloth, cleaner and I believe a small screwdriver. Cost, I think,  was around $2.00. A minor investment to make your patients feel good. If that $2.00 brought back in $2,000- isn’t that a worthwhile investment? I have spent more than $2,000 with my dentist (private pay) and referred at least 20 people to him. I have shown my Swag Bag to at least 5 of my neighbors. You cannot put a price on that kind of advertising. (In fact, I gave the personalized bag to a neighbor to friend, because I didn’t have his number with me)

So what you say- here are the reasons to have a Swag Bag-

Why do you want to Give Away a Swag Bag

  1. Builds Your Brand- you
  2. Enhances Your Image
  3. Patient Retention and Loyalty
  4. Increase the Talk Factor
  5. Makes your Patient Feel Good and Appreciated
  6. Good customer service
  7. Provide a Product they will use and hopefully comeback for more
  8. Increased Referral Business
  9. Staff enjoyment- People feel good when they are giving.
  10. We all like Freebies

Your Swag Bag should be usable (so they keep it) Now the Hot Ticket is Reusable Bags (advertising your name every time they use it) and it should be personalized (advertising) . How excited and appreciative will your patients feel with your presentation of their new contacts/eyeglasses with a Reusable Swag and Gift Bag. What you should put in the Swag Bag- some suggestions

  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Lens Cleaner
  • Small tool kit
  • Coupons
  • Eyeglass Retainers
  • Contact Lens cleaners
  • Eyeglass Case
  • Product Information
  • Appointment Card
  • Any other promotional items you may already be giving away.

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