What’s Wrong With This Picture? Is Prive Eyewear Disruptive?

We received this press release and I was like HUH, you have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! another cheap celebrity sunwear collection and another Yawn ‘Disruptive’ eyeglass company: Hollywood Heavyweights + Retail Renegade + Amazon Launch Privé Revaux Eyewear: Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld, Ashley Benson, Jeremy Piven Join Forces With Disruptive Eyewear Brand 

NEW YORK, May, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Fashion entrepreneur David Schottenstein has set his sights on reframing the luxury eyewear market with the launch of Privé Revaux Eyewear, offering over 100 on-trend, high-quality handcrafted frames with polarized lenses retailing for $29.95 a pair.

  • What is so disruptive about $30 sunglasses? Did I miss out on anything here?
  • The message direct to consumer D2C was named around 10 years ago and the story of the middleman.. (YAWN) was promoted by Warby Parker, which BTW is old news.
  • Do Luxury Eyewear and $29.95 frames go in the same sentence?
  • Do they not think that other  celebs have done cheap sunglasses? Snooki, Paris Hilton, Amber Rose and Snoop Dogg? Did they want to join the likes of Kim Kardashian who went into Sears in 2012, Drew Barrymore is in Wal-Mart (Flower Eyewear) Twiggy is in SpecSavers and Perverse Sunglasses that are $40-$50 and have a Give Back program?

    Perverse launched by Toni Ko in 2016. Retail $50 and a Giveback company
  • Are these celebrities going to tout quality and luxury for $29.95? I wonder if they are driving a Yugo and calling it luxury? Did Dawood disrupt the car industry?
  • What is the quality on a frame and Polarized lenses costing only $29.95? There are 5 people going to split the profits from a $29.95 sunglass? Wonder how that works?
  • The only notable eye-catcher is the celebrity names.

Embarking with Schottenstein on his mission are brand visionaries Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld, Ashley Benson and Jeremy Piven who are actively involved in product design and marketing.’

  • Can you see how unique the product design is here and just think it took 6 people to pull off this aviator rimless with a brand new technology called polarized lenses. Very design worthy.
  • Somebody please tell me how difficult it is to sell a $30 pair of sunglasses in general especially with you have 6 celebs touting it and all their money behind it? 
  • Most of the styles are knock-offs of top designers, that you can find at 600+ Asian manufacturers. I see knock-offs fromL Christian Dior, Matsuda, Rayban, Vuarnet, Retrosuperfuture, Miu Miu, Shuron, Samal Design, Oakley just at a quick glance. I am not sure how why it took 6 ‘designers’ for a knock off? Check it out on alibaba or aliexpress.

‘On June 2, the brand will officially launch with the world’s biggest retailer, Amazon.com.  Amazon will be the exclusive US retail partner, outside of the company’s own website, with pre-sale available today at PriveRevaux.com.’

  • This is smart marketing, especially with the hype that they put into the launch and Amazon the exclusive retailer.

The global eyewear market is totally out of control.  It’s become impossible for consumers to buy high-quality, well-made sunglasses without overspending. We’re changing that, completely,” said David Schottenstein, founder and CEO Privé Revaux Eyewear.  “There’s nothing I enjoy more than discovering incredible value and bringing that value to customers.  With incredibly talented and passionate partners, an unparalleled consumer experience and retail powerhouse, Amazon, Privé Revaux Eyewear will be a force to reckon with.

  • Whenever I read something like that, I think that they must think we the consumer are stupid. Impossible for the consumer? 54,000,000 results on google for cheap eyewear. I wonder if David Schottenstein overpays for his shoes and buys his at Payless? Does he shop at TJ Maxx? Maybe he drives a Honda Civic?

The collaboration is built on a shared passion for style, quality and accessibility. Schottenstein, alongside Foxx, Steinfeld, Benson, Piven and VP of Celebrity Relations Dave Osokow set out to achieve one goal: disrupt an overpriced eyewear market.

  • I think they say this because they obviously didn’t get enough sunglass swag in their goodie bags or are too cheap to pay for sunglasses or they are only shopping in Beverly Hills on Rodeo drive.
  • There are many reasons that eyewear and sunglasses are priced the way they are: 1.) Licensed branded product (about 30% more in cost) which is one reason that Prive is priced at $30, if it was Priven Eyewear than it would be higher, because Jeremy Priven would get a nice percentage of the take with a minimum amount to be paid to him  2.) Country of Origin 3.) Exclusivity to name a few reasons.
  • The eyewear market is as overpriced as the shoe, car, clothing, purse, toy market.

Having a legendary family heritage in retail (Schottenstein’s grandfather was one of the four founding brothers of the company that spun off DSW and American Eagle), Schottenstein founded men’s suiting company Astor & Black at age 19 and sold the company seven years later in 2011 to private equity. Embarking on a new venture, Schottenstein, along with his celebrity partners, saw an opportunity to offer high-quality frames at a fraction of the cost of designer brands without sacrificing quality, materials, packaging or a robust brand experience.  Leading the brand’s creative direction are renowned celebrity stylists Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn who will oversee style and trend forecasting.

  • Adding more to the overhead with celebrity stylists, we are not up to 7 people.

I wanted to get involved with a sunglasses company and create something that was fly and affordable for people. That brand is Privé Revaux Eyewear,” exclaims Foxx.

I am so excited to partner with Privé Revaux to create a line of sunglasses that I am really proud of.  Sunglasses are my favorite accessory; I believe every woman needs a few go-to pairs, which is why I am thrilled to collaborate with a brand that offers an incredible value without sacrificing any of the quality,” says Benson.

I don’t think 2500 is limited edition product. Limited edition product is 3-200 pieces.

“I consider myself incredibly privileged to have Jamie, Hailee, Jeremy and Ashley as partners. They are an incredible team that is involved in every aspect of this brand,” added Schottenstein.

Privé Revaux Eyewear frames are handcrafted with high-quality materials that can include lightweight TR-90 and polarized lenses.

  • I have not touched them yet, so could not tell you about the quality.

Named after bold personas – The Supermodel, The Mogul, The Jetsetter, The Explorer etc., the wearer can be a true style chameleon, mixing-and-matching their daily eyewear to complement any outfit, mood or personal style.

  • Most of their style names appear to be very sexist or they have a low opinion of women. Men can be any bold personality, but women..  can only be a supermodel, or titled or a whorehouse madam. Why could they not be Amazon, Jetsetter, Sharkette? A little insulting that according to them, women have to break hearts, look beautiful, marry up or be ‘MLFable to have a strong personality.
  • Men styles: Jetsetter, Conquistador, MVP, Shark, ACE, Commando Chairman, Assassin,  Celebrity, Maesto, Warrior, Dealer, Producer
  • Women: Heartbreaker, SuperModel, Duchess, Madam, Socialite, MLF, Nasty Women

Launching in Amazon Exclusives, Privé Revaux Eyewear is unveiling a persuasive digital campaign featuring Foxx, Steinfeld, Benson and Piven asking “Who do I want to be today?” with a call to action to “Reframe Yourself.”  It will be supported by a full length video featuring all four visionaries as well as individual ads with Foxx, Steinfeld, Benson and Piven.  The full catalog of on-trend and classic eyewear will be featured on Amazon’s home page and in the Exclusives section, as well as on PriveRevaux.com.

  • I do like this part, but here it is again, with enough money, one can hire the right people, put on the ritz, market with professional style videos and advertise. We will see what happens over the next year. They might join other B celebs like Paris Hilton and Amber Rose with failed sunglass lines.
Comments made on one of the press .

About Privé Revaux Eyewear:
Privé Revaux Eyewear was established to disrupt the eyewear market as a purveyor of quality goods at a great value.  With more than 100 hand-crafted and polarized designer frames for $29.95, everyone can be anyone.  Each style is named to evoke a personality from The Artist and The Socialite to The Boss and The Godfather.  Privé Revaux Eyewear will be available on priverevaux.com and at Amazon.com.  For more information, visit www. priverevaux.com.

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