Why Should People Do Optical Business With You?

Last week was The Vision Council Executive Summit meeting held in San Diego. We were very fortunate to have a wonderful guest speak, Michael Treacy who has written several books. In this very informative and motivational seminar he spoke about the Discipline of Market Leaders and how to grow at Double Digit consistently, even in times of recession.

He spoke about so many factors in getting growth, it was truly an eye opener! The key findings throughout his research is a commitment to superior customer service. What you need to continue to ask yourself is

‘Why should people do business with you?”. ¬†And you better have an answer. I was pretty surprised at how that question stopped many people in their tracks.

I remember 25 years ago, I was working at Marchon, one of about 25 reps. Al Berg got up at the meeting and asked each one of us to be the best rep in their area. Came home- thought about all the other reps and set out to be the very best rep in San Diego. I analyzed my competition, evaluated what they did or didn’t do and set out to be a ‘Rep Leader’ and raise the bar on rep services.

It took discipline- it’s not easy- delivering a frame at 11 pm at nite, fighting traffic, going to baby showers, spending evenings working on business plans, but it worked, I made money and my customers made money.

I highly recommend you read both of Michael Treacy’s books, and really think about the question ‘Why should people do business with you?’ Put it out to your staff and have a honest discussion. You might be surprised at the results.

The books can be bought at Amazon:
The Discipline of Market Leaders: Choose Your Customers, Narrow Your Focus, Dominate Your Market
Double-Digit Growth: How Great Companies Achieve It–No Matter What