Winning Eyewear Window Displays Part 2

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Here is the second in our series of “Winning Eyewear Window Displays” by  Dan Sloan, Designer for Fashion Optical Displays.

How often should you change up window displays?

Monthly is good, depending on the type of traffic flow you have. If you have a retail front downtown, see how often your neighbors are changing theirs. Keep in mind that once you come up with a good window display layout, you don’t need to change everything about it each month.

Change the color accent

Changing the color accent or a prop or two can change the look without you having to re-think everything. No matter how often you change the display, make sure you clean it often enough, and keep holiday and seasonal props current. Many people enjoy the challenge of keeping window displays current. You may find you have an artist in your office who would enjoy spending a morning or two each month refreshing and maintaining the displays.

How can you maximize the impact of eyewear, which is a small display item? How can you create focus?

Sunwear displayed with lighter color props

You most likely have a lot of frames to offer, and you have to categorize them for your clientele so they’re impressed, not frustrated, with your selection. The majority of your inventory will be up on frame supports on wall units or built-in displays. Use accessories to categorize and bring interest to these areas and break up the rows and rows of frames. Keep in mind that the areas that you choose to highlight frames and “set them apart” will most likely be your best-sellers.

Take a single showcase or island and feature ONE brand, or a few brands with a similar feature depending on the size of the unit. Make sure you have clear identifying signage, and display the eye wear so each frame is seen clearly. If the temples are a special feature, then put them up on risers so they can be seen instead of closing the temples and laying them down. Risers are also a great way to show the several color options for a frame.

When working with props and special displays, borrow a trick from the experts. Think about contrast in color and in texture. Display metallic frames on suede, wood, stone… not on other glittery objects that compete with the sparkle of the frames. Most sunwear looks great on any lighter color props or backgrounds because it “pops”.

What else can you tell us?

Much of window display creation is common sense. Remember to:

  • create an inviting atmosphere
  • use contrast to create visual excitement
  • incorporate props to emphasize season
  • work with the traffic flow of your dispensary
  • look at your windows with fresh eyes
  • engage employees who enjoy compositional challenges
  • emphasize profitable lines

Businesses interested in maximizing the profit potential of their dispensary should consider hiring an interior designer or, more specifically, a dispensary designer. Professional consideration of retail space configuration, surface textures and lighting work wonders for sales and reflects the professionalism of your practice.

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