Women’s Eyewear Whisperer – Davette Fournier Sunwear

Davette Panthére

Davettes Lunettes, translated from French as Davettes Eyewear, named after the founder and designer, Davette Fournier, is carefully distributed line of finely crafted eyewear. Many of Davette’s colleagues, also designers and creators in their own right, have earned featured placement on display in her California design studio at the Eyechicks Fabulous Eyewear Boutique, giving the EyeChicks an unusual collection of fabulous eyewear creations from small family spectacle makers from around the world, all exclusively offered at the Davette’s Lunettes design studio.

Davette has released her first range of sunglasses with the new “Panthére” model, fearing a 3D printed leopard cat resting atop the soft Cat Eye frame’s brow line, and additionally released the fabulous translucent crystal colors of the new model “Fiona”, with Swarovski marquis crystals, color-coordinated lens tints and an amazingly comfortable fit on the nose, which is the main feature for all Davette’s Lunettes frames.

Davette Fiona

Check them out on their website.

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