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Sunglasses are most commonly used by celebrities as a trendy accessory and fashion statement. By wearing a sunglass, people will also get protection from the strong exposure of UV radiations. WoodLuck USA is an online store that exclusively offers eyewear products from Woodluck. The Woodluck Eyewear is a series of sunglasses from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico. Each eye wear piece is guaranteed to be manufactured from solid wood pieces, which significantly enhances style with a touch of nature’s spirit.

Dreamcatcher in Zebra
Dreamcatcher in Zebra

The online store WoodLuck USA states that all pieces of eye wear from the brand Woodluck are handcrafted to ensure quality and detailing. Manufacturing is done with the combination of technology and a dedicated team of experts who guarantee to bring a completed product to customers without utilizing any gluing method. All Woodluck Eyewear products offered to people through this online store are said to be made out of waste wood from big companies. This process helps them to take only a less quantity of wood from forests. In addition, for every single pair of sunglasses sold through WoodLuck USA, the Woodluck Eyewear guarantees to plant a tree.


The website says, “We are really committed to excellence, every pair of eye wear is hand inspected to achieve the day by day goal of bringing to you the best of nature. We desire to bring you the spirit of nature, a sensation of pureness, to feel completely bonded.”

The website woodluckusa.com features Woodluck Eyewear collections like Dream Catcher Dark Wood/Zebra, Four Leaf Clover Bench/Zebra, ‘No. Seven’, Pot of Gold Bench/Dark Wood/Zebra, ‘St. Christopher’ Bench/Dark Wood/Zebra, Wish Bone Bench and Zebra. Sunglass lovers can choose from different colours and styles of Woodluck Eyewear. All are uniquely priced at $119.99 only. Updates on new arrivals, discounts and free shipping can be availed through the Facebook page of WoodLuck USA. Buyers can make payments online via Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal.

The WoodLuck USA online store offers unique collections of eye wear that are beautiful as well as enriched with life. The essence of nature is added through crafted wood and each piece is detailed like a masterpiece. Sunglass lovers can consider this online store as a one-stop shop for all their eyewear needs.

To obtain more information about Woodluck Eyewear, visit http://woodluckusa.com.

About WoodLuck USA
WoodLuck USA is an online store that exclusively provides eye wear from the brand Woodluck. This website features a wide collection of Woodluck sunglasses, which create a trendy style and fashion statement for the wearer.

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