World Glaucoma Day – March 12

This is serving to remind you about World Glaucoma Day/ Week

I went on their website and they had some great information on how to promote World Glaucoma Day in your office. This is a great opportunity to get new patients and as well as get your ”I’m still waiting’ patients back in the door.

You will find here various ideas for local events, from the very traditional tried-and-tested to the most innovative- See below

Click here to e-mail us any ideas for events that you feel could inspire others or help them promote the World Glaucoma Day. We will post your ideas online, unless you indicate otherwise. To give you due credit, we will also mention your name (unless indicated otherwise in the mail)

Media coverage

  • Contact newspaper to write a story on WGD
  • Contact newspaper to publish an article or editorial that you have written (you can find examples in the media section)
  • Contact radio station to cover the WGD
  • Contact TV channel to cover the WGD

Information and promotion of glaucoma awareness

  • Organize open-door day at my  institution
  • Post on my website, blog or newsletter relevant material advertising the World Glaucoma Day
  • Distribute (at my clinic / institution / at a public venue) printed material advertising the World Glaucoma Day, or other relevant brochures
  • Submit to the WGD website selected parts of a patient’s journal or interview for publication / dissemination by others

Public educational events

  • Organize patient-educational conference at my institution or at a public venue (conference or community hall, charity meeting, place of worship, etc.)
  • Invite a prominent patient, or a patient support group to have a conference at my institution

Screening events

  • Organize free screening day at my institution
  • Organize free screening at public venue (mall, market, place of worship, town hall, community center, etc)


  • Distribute WGD-marked everyday-use items (like badge-holders, paperweights, key rings, tote-bags, T-shirts, etc. )
  • Participate at a sporting event under the WGD colors (the Geneva University Eye-Clinic staff ran the December 2007 Geneva Marathon, wearing World Glaucoma Day T-shirts)
  • Write to the authorities of your city, state or country, using this MS-WordTemplate, and ask them to place under their Auspices the WGD events that will take place within their jurisdiction.
  • Download the Eye-Q test: An awareness-raising 2-page questionnaire inEnglish and in Spanish. (pdf files)
  • Distribute a postcard that people and companies can send to their friends and customers, informing them of the World Glaucoma Day and urging them to be vigilant about maintaing healthy vision. The postcard distributed by Glaucoma-Australia is a good example.

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