WTFrame: Don’t Lego My Sunglasses

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As summer approaches we can’t help but be nostalgic for those highly anticipated three months off in between school years. What used to be a time for indulging in glorious sleep and hanging with our friends for an entire season is probably now consumed with work life, at least on the M through F of the week.  The innovative Nanoblock sunglasses are a great reminder to stay young and have fun, no matter what walk of life you’re in!


With the Nanoblock shades you can now take your love of classic Legos to the Great Outdoors.  These trans-generational sunnies feature the traditional raised circular pattern all about the frames that’s been a staple of “playing Legos” for decades.  You can make these solid frames uniquely your own by literally building onto the glasses with the Nanoblocks.  Utility meets innovation and creativity with these amazing Nanoblock sunglasses.

nanoblock sunglasses

Nanoblock frames make for a great conversation piece that also protect your precious peepers from harmful UV rays, which is especially important in the warmer summer months where we spend more time outdoors.  So pop on a pair of Nanoblock frames today and wait for your friends to line up for a Lego session.

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Via Trendhunter and Nanoblock

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