Heinous Halloween Shades

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Every year, we pull out our top picks for the year on spooky, scary Halloween Shades  (see past posts here: Halloween costume .  A few of our top Halloween costume eyeglasses for 2013

Nothing spells out spooky like the Hoot of an owl.. Love this winged eyewear owlish eyewear.

Student  Vanina Yanakova's  winged creation
Student Vanina Yanakova’s winged creation

This bat mask or cat woman mask, take your pick, is a dramatic look that can be worn at Halloween or Mardi Gras!


Let me bite your neck, a fashionable Dracula Fanged look


We know how people hate spiders, how creepy is this.. tarantulas crawling on your face.. UGH.


First it was ghosts, goblins, werewolves, witches and warlocks.. add a touch of Dexter and what do you get? Blood Splatter Eyewear from Look-See


Nothing like some jaws coming at you..Halloween, the ghost of Halloween pasts..




TC Charton Eyewear - Made To Fit