WTFrame: IOFT Kids Eyewear Award Winner; KIDFOOT2

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The brand new ‘KidSport’ eyewear collection is dedicated to pre-teens boys and girls from 10/12 years old who love sport, who practice it or who just share its values ! In this sport thematic which represents LOGO_IOFT_AWARD WINNING_KIDS FRAME_2014their first interest and hobby well before school. We got football, rugby, basket-ball and tennis, it rolls, it rules !

Right from the football universe, to start with, here is the frame ‘KidFoot2’ – metal, circled, original, singular, with finished details, it is not the smaller version of an adult best-seller.

The soccer ball, soberly sticked to the side-piece in a 3D version, contrasts with the volume of the frame and enhances the sewings of the ball. Volume, matter and relief of the ball are also reproduced thanks to the duotone color codes of the frame.  Color choices available are established according to the main French national and international football/soccer clubs to satisfy all the fans !

Finally, this ‘Kidfoot2’ frame assumes its ‘foot/soccer’ look up to the tangs which are designed such as football shoes studs… 100% thought and made for football !

KIDFOOT2_C02 Profil


KIDFOOT2_C03 Profil

This frame is above all a good alternative to differentiate from others in a market sometimes too homogeneous, and to convey values which are important to them such as a passion for sport. Thought, created and manufactured for a young crowd, the ‘KidFoot2’ integrates raised lenses technically adapted to their morphology.


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