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When the innovators at Dutch design studio Qoowl were given the toilsome task of creating something from one single sheet of plywood this is the masterpiece they came up with: a pair of sustainable laser cut sunglasses.  Well, more like “shades” if you ask me.

Qoowl wood eyeweawrZFGw

This “ShadE” style is similar to the design of the Shutter Shades or “lens free” glasses created in the 1950s.  This style of eyewear had a burst in popularity in the 1980s and have recently experienced another resurgence thanks to Grammy award winning artist Kayne West.

Qoowl eyewear 3

A profile view of Qoowl’s “ShadE” frames demonstrate all the detail in the crafty design.  It’s hard to believe all it took was a piece of plywood, laser cutter, a good sanding, and a keen eye to put together these innovative frames.  What’s even more remarkable is they retail for the bargain price of $20.00.

Qoowl eywear 2

Via Qoowl and Trendhunter

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