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The new X-Ide collection embodies a blend of contemporary flair and timeless elegance. The frames take their names from unexpected, sophisticated colors; the shapes are designed to frame the face and turn the eyewear into an essential expression of the wearer’s look.


Cipria by X-Ide

Available in four colors, “Cipria” is just right for the woman who wants to light up her face and emphasize the eyes. Its round shape and thin metal frame with brow piece embellished with a unique glittery enamel detail makes it an eyewear classic informed by a fresh, modern flair. “Corallo” takes the identical choice of materials and crafts them to entice wearers whose taste runs to square rather than round. Fine craftsmanship and painstaking handiwork are showcased in these quintessential artisan frames.

Corallo by X-Ide

Combinations of different materials take center stage in the new X-Ide collection. Elegant, ingenious frames, skillfully crafted as true works of art for everyday wear.


Amaranto by X-Ide

“Amaranto”, an oversized round frame, is a skillfully fashioned combination of metal and enamel that employs a unique detail in the lens mounting. An overlapping of rims, hidden in the side design, leaves the lens in the foreground, as if it were framing the frame.  Perfect for all occasions, it is ideal for the classic woman, who likes to keep step with the times.


Through flawless attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship, the brand renews its commitment to tailored elegance in its collections, visually communicating its passion and ongoing research in the use of materials through objects that are always innovative and unique.

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