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For the last 5 years, it seems that all we have heard about on YELP is how to get a bad review off, how do I respond to providence-optical-yelpthis, do we have to respond?  I am here to show you a fantastic optical, Providence Optical that works their YELP and it shows.

I loved their photos (38 of them) While they only have 5 reviews, all were fantastic and it made me curious enough to click through to their website which is a great blog.

I really like how they responded to the feedback about larger sizes, it shows they are listening.

Providence Optical first came to my attention when I was searching for knitted eyewear and lo and behold there was all these images of macrame eyewear (see how that works in search?) Ok, so maybe you don’t remember we did a post on Crazy Crochet Parties and they actually showcased some of their macrame eyewear on YELP! Loved it. 

l-1I am definitely a regular here. I went here just a few weeks ago on a whim. I used to go to Westminster Eye Optical but…well, I have written a review. Anyway, this place is super clean with a calm, simple aesthetic. The flash comes from the array of frames and sunglasses that adorn the walls and tables and various glass cases. Service is amazing. Cannot say enough about the service. Best to make an appointment though so as not to come in and get turned away because they aren’t free at the time.
Frames are super stylish, even the non-vintage ones! And when you’re done with your frames, give them another pass if you’re looking for some quality and stylish sunglasses. However, BIGGER-HEADED FOLKS BEWARE! Our options are limited.

Comment from Onega A. of Providence Optical 5/13/2013


Thanks for the kind words.  We give each client personalized advice and service and we’re so glad to hear it made a real difference for you. We’ve taken note of your interest in eyeglass frames for larger heads.  Many manufacturers don’t offer larger sizes, but we will try to expand our collection to include more options for bigger heads.




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