Yoga For Eyes by Paul McCartney

Yoga Eye Exercises 


I saw this and thought what a great opportuniy for the optical professional to offer their patients. Why not offer quick evening classes for staff and patients. It would be a great way to get your patients coming back in the door. Even if you didn’t do this, it might help staff productivity by doing a ‘quick yoga break’ every day. 

Personally speaking my yoga mat has cobwebs, yet Shirley religiously goes to yoga. 

Eye Bogglers and Growth Trends: 

  • Estimated 18 Million Yoga Practioneers in the USA 
  • Yoga will migrate into new areas beyond the standard studio or gym
  • Yoga will step into the Doctors office and health care establishments as it becomes more accepted as a complementary alternative medicine. 
  • You will see more yoga in cyberspace- Convenience is an advantage. 
  • Training services for yoga and wellness professionals will be on the rise. With the overall growth of the wellness industry, new training programs to support practitioneers will be in demand. 

Benefits of Yoga– 

Helps to control or manage anxiety, arthritis, asthma, back pain, blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, headaches heart disease, multiple sclerosis, stress


  • Improves muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Boosts self esteem
  • Improves concentration and creativity
  • Lowers fat
  • Improves circulation
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Creates sense of well being and calm.