Younger Optics Releases Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized Lenses in Gray

David Rips, president & CEO of Younger Optics, has just announced the availability of Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized lenses. Touted as the “best ever clear-to-polarized photochromic lens,” Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses are now available in gray in hard resin, polycarbonate, and high index 1.67 materials through all laboratories.

Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses start clear indoors, darken moderately in the car, and achieve extra darkness and become polarized outdoors in the sun. The lenses dynamically polarize in direct sunlight, bringing bright, vivid colors, sharper vision, and significant glare reduction. We at Younger Optics are calling the performance “Clear to Extra-Wow.”

For light-sensitive patients, Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses are the ultimate everyday solution for eye comfort, because they provide extra protection from bright light indoors, in the car, and outdoors, as well as reduce discomfort from blinding glare outdoors. Premium-seeking patients will also love the thrill of owning the latest bragworthy photochromic lens technology.

Transitions XTRActive lenses are already preferred by many for their excellent performance and beautiful neutral gray color. New Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses build on that popularity by adding the wow-factor of dynamic polarization. With this product expansion, eye care professionals may significantly heighten the satisfaction of patients who wear photochromic lenses.

Younger Optics has produced the Art & Science of XTRActive Polarized, an 8-page brochure introducing this revolutionary new lens product. Eyecare Professionals are invited to view and download the PDF file at the following link:

Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses are now available in gray in Hard Resin, Polycarbonate, and 1.67 High Index, exclusively from Younger Optics through any optical laboratory.

About Younger Optics

Younger Optics is headquartered in Torrance, Calif., and is recognized as the world leader in prescription polarized lenses with its NuPolar® brand. Younger Optics also introduced the first polarized photochromic lens to darken behind the windshield of a car (Transitions® Drivewear® sun lenses). For more information about Younger Optics, visit

About Transitions Optical

Transitions Optical is the leading provider of plastic photochromic (adaptive) lenses to optical manufacturers worldwide. Having been the first to successfully manufacture and commercialize plastic adaptive lenses in 1990, and as a result of its relentless investment in research and development and technology, Transitions Optical offers a wide variety of products, setting new standards of advanced performance to provide ever-increasing visual comfort and UV protection. Product leadership, consumer focus, and operational excellence have made the Transitions® brand one of the most recognized consumer brands in optics. For more information about the company and Transitions lenses, visit or

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