YouTube Sing-Along- Glaucoma Song

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I couldn’t embed this video – but you have to go and visit and watch this really great video on Glaucoma. (I think they took it off because is a knockoff of  Justin Timberlake  But the lyrics are listed below. Sing along with them- Wouldn’t this be fun to do at a party? 


I could see your optic nerve clearly
I saw prepapillary atrophy
Then I started judging your C/D
And I noticed some assymetry
Then I didn’t know what to do
So, I judged the neural rim tissue
It looked pink and it was well perfused
But the cup was looking really huge

Do I need to give you Xalatan
Or maybe another Prostaglandin
Will that make your field loss stop
Or do I need to add on some Cosopt
Will you be compliant?
Come on, let’s try it
Please be reliant.
No, don’t be defiant
Cause you’re a suspect of glaucoma
I’m afraid you’re a suspect of glaucoma

Then I preformed Goldman Tonometry
Cause I need to know the IOP
I was shocked when it was 33
I guess I need to do pachymetry
Corneal thickness was at 504
That pressure worried me even more
I need a visual field acuity
So I can assess the periphery


ur cup kinda big
here we go once again
we gonna try to treat u with the travatan
Listen baby, I do n’t wanna ruin your plan
But if you got big cups, be compliant if u can
Cause u can go real blind, if ur pressures spike high
Wanna come to me I can check ur eyes …..
You don’t really wanna let the chance go by
cause you can lose vision in both ur eyes
High I O P…. don’t ask me why
Prolly, cuz u don’t comply
Hey u – Call me the eyeb all guy, simply cuz I’ll fix ur eyes
I hate it when you cancel your appointment so you can’t go lie
I’m patient, but I ain’t gonna try
You don’t come, I ain’t gonna die
Hold up, what you mean, you can’t come at 5
I called ur house got no reply
You say you wanna see but u know that’s a lie
Baby, you can decide if u wanna go blind
Ain’t gon lie ,its an easy case
Its cuz of ur race, I swear its real
Old age, black race get this prescription filled
Just get the drops and not the pill